Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas on Amazon for under $50

Its pretty obvious that I love the farmhouse style. We live in the country, own goats, dogs, and cats… so its just fitting! I love our farm and LOVE the farmhouse decor.

I love it when each room has its own “theme”. For example.. our bathroom that we redid is now “windmill” themed.

Our Kitchen is now “farmers market” themed.

We are also lovers of the water so our living room is full of nautical items.

What else do I love? Amazon! haha Here are some amazing finds on Amazon to help decorate your farmhouse style kitchen. And the best part… they are all under $50!!!!!

Set of 2 – Wire Metal Cloche Set

These are super cute! I love the metal on the wood base! Definitely gives it that vintage look. These would look great as a center piece on your dining room table, kitchen island, or even sitting on your counter top.

Vintage Farmhouse Chic Can

I love love love this can! I can personally recommend this as it is currently sitting in my kitchen! Again… this would also look good as a center piece. I also bought the flowers that are in the picture to go with it. You can find those HERE. (only $9!!!)

Bread Box

Of course I love this bread box – that is why its here, BUT… I love this ENTIRE collection! The Home Acre design is very modern farmhouse. Love Love! The bundle set can be found here.

Ok.. back to the breadbox. This is a large box (holds two loafs of bread). This does take up a bit of counter space. If you don’t have enough counter space you can place on a kitchen cart, bookcase, anywhere!

I have to share the sponge holder and the utensil holder also as I have both of these and I’m very happy with them!

I want this whole collection!!! (I added the rest to my wishlist….hehehe)

Ceramic Pitcher

I am all about using old pitchers to hold flowers. I love to visit antique stores and local thrift stores and I’m always looking for old pitchers. They are so cute and with a little paint.. magic! This one is new but what I love most about it is the wording. Very inspiring! You can use this one for flowers or to hold utensils.

Three Tier Serving Tray

I have one of these on my coffee bar. (I have a major coffee addiction, see, I can admit it) It holds my coffee syrups, my mason jar shakers full of cinnamon, sugar, and coco. I try to keep little snacks on there as well but the kids like to keep that part empty HAHA.

Farmhouse Trio

OH EMMMM GEEEEE I do not have this and just saw this. I want want want!!! (I just added this to my wishlist which for some reason has increased dramatically while writing this post!)

Stackable Metal Storage

This is a three pack! The set I bought was a two pack and was about the same price so this is an excellent deal! I have two of these stacked in the corner of my counter top and store all my veges in them! The bottom one is always full of onions (we are some serious onion eating fools around here!) and the top either holds squash or tomatoes. Whatever comes out of the garden.

Bacon Grease Container

I have to admit, I’m sitting here laughing while I writing this. Why? Because all of our kids think its absolutely disgusting that we keep old bacon grease. When I asked my son one night if he enjoyed the squash we fixed for dinner, his reply was YES! I said great! It was fixed with bacon grease!! I’m pretty sure he gagged…. haha.

We of course have this little cutie in our fridge and yes, we cook with bacon grease. I love the little strainer it comes with as it catches those unwanted left over chunks. And its dishwasher safe!

Glass Jars

Ok don’t hate me, but I am not a fan of canister sets. The set I use to have were marked with “coffee” “tea” and “flour”. But I never kept those items in there. I went with these glass jars and bought some cute chalk labels and there you go folks… some cute farmhouse storage containers for whatever you want to put in them! 😊

Here are the chalk labels I have:

Here is a little free tip – don’t use regular chalk. It wipes off way to easy! And I always end up with chalk on my shirt or hands. This set of labels comes with a liquid chalk marker which is … ok….. I still use it for other things but for my labels I bought a little better quality chalk marker set. This way everytime I went and grabbed my “Sugar” I didn’t put it back it saying “~~~~uugar”

Chalk is chalk… but these are not as moody! I use these in my craft room as well.

Farmhouse Sign

I am a huge fan of “box signs”. The chunker the better! This sign would look great in your kitchen or living room!

Metal Farm Animals

Guess what I have hanging on our kitchen walls? That’s right! How did you guess? These match right in with our Farmers Market theme. Love them.

Rustic Shelves

These would look perfect above a coffee bar! I love the white wash look and the shelves are made out of real pine! The description for this shelf says it can be used as a spice rack also.

Dish Towels

Ok. Here comes confession #2 of the day…. I am also addicted to dishtowels. I have towels that I use and towels for just display. I can’t help myself! In fact, the largest drawer in my kitchen is for just my dish towels. I have many for every season. My mom has even made me some (Love you Mom!)

This set is not only awesome by itself but it even comes in a cute little gift bag! Another gift idea.

Another set of dish towels…

Another 5 set! I could list dish towels for days.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my post!! I know my wishlist enjoyed it! Please comment below if you liked it and if you have any suggestions on what other rooms you would like to see! I would love to hear from you. oh oh oh…… and follow me for updates! Please!

Thank you 🙂

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