The Wall Removal in the Kitchen

I would like to start off by saying… don’t try this at home. lol My HTB is a licenced contractor. With that being said…..

During the inspection of the house we asked and was verifed that the wall between the kitchen and the dining room was not a low bearing wall.


Means that thing is coming out!

The kitchen was great but the dining room seemed shut off. We decided to remove the top half of the wall to help open both rooms up. And boy.. what a difference.

Here is a picture of before we took the wall out from the kitchen.

You can see where we drew the lines on the wall on where we were going to cut.

Here is another picture from the dining room.

The sheet rock was cut exposing the light switch that need to be moved. Stevie built a column to the left of the opening and moved the electrical box onto the column. (again.. do not try this on your own)

Once the studs were removed, the opening was braced with new supports.

The following picture is from the living room (before the remodel there..) and you can see how open the view is now. We can see right through the kitchen and into the dining room.

You can also see in this picture we started adding corner braces. This is to make it more “farmhouse”.

All that was left to do was to sand and paint.

Seeing that picture makes me remember all the long nights of painting our kitchen cabinets. whew…. thats a story for another day!

Soon the painting was done and we were super happy with the results!!!

Here is the finished wall 🙂

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