Our Farmhouse Bathroom

Redoing the hall bathroom was a must! Neither one of us liked the bright orange walls. It always seemed dark in there.

This is what the bathroom looked like before the remodel started:

We removed both mirrors and the light fixtures. We took the mirror that was over the sink and painted it white. It turned out great! We used this in the built in on the other side of the bathroom.

HTB spent three hours and installed shiplap on the main wall.

Can you say… WOW!

After this was done, we spent the next several nights (after coming home from work) painting the walls AND the cabinets. We picked Blue Moon chalk paint. It turned out GREAT!

After everything was painted, we purchased a new mirror for above the sink, new light fixtures, new knobs, and a nice new water fall faucet.

We even purchased a metal bucket to put guest items in. Extra shampoo, homemade soaps, dental floss, etc….

I love the bathroom now! We still have some things to hang on the wall but here it is:

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