How to grow vegetables from scraps

Yes, its true. You CAN grow new vegetables from the scraps you were about to throw away.

I came across this tip while researching composting (which is amazing.. post to come on this!).

I decided to try this with celery (success), green onions (success), potatoes (success), and a white onion (fail – but i believe this was my fault hahaha)

We started with celery. We took the bottom of the celery and placed toothpicks in the sides and placed in a glass jar filled with water. The toothpick are there so the vegetable doesn’t fall into water.

Celery Day 1

I placed this in my kitchen window sill. This window gets sun about half the day.

The very next day, the celery started to open up and i could see a little root starting to form.

By the end of the week, new leaves have formed and roots are in full effect! Since this one did so well, I have since started three other celery plants, potatoes, and spring onions!!! All of these are going in the ground this week! I am so excited!

Day 7

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