How to convert a dresser into a kitchen buffet

If you have read any of my other post, you know that we are all about finding great deals at thrift shops.

I love that saying, one persons junk is another persons treasure….

How true!

We came across this little gem in Williamsburg, VA. We paid a whole whopping $50 for it. Not to bad, right!

Dresser, makeover, before picture, entertainment center, buffet, kitchen, farmhouse, farmhouse decor

We originally were thinking about turning the dresser into an entertainment center for the living room. This was before we bought our Forever Farm House. Once we moved into our new home, we changed our minds and decided to turn it in to the buffet table in the kitchen.

The first thing we did was to remove the drawers and shelf supports inside. Basically we just gutted the whole thing.

I defiantly wanted to keep the top three drawers. So we didn’t touch the supports for these.

After this was done, Stevie sanded down the top which was not as easy as we thought. This dresser had a real nice thick layer of enamel on the top. I believe we went through about 3 sanding pads.

He then stained the top a dark walnut to match our dining room furniture, added support to the back of the dresser, then added shelving.

Once this was done, we taped off the top and using a paint sprayer, painted the bottom of the dresser.

We had already picked out pulls for the drawers. This took less than 2 minutes to attach and then volia – kitchen buffet was done!

This was such a fun weekend project and what a difference!

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$50 old dresser into a farmhouse kitchen buffet

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