Our kick butt Farmhouse accent wall in the kitchen

Before we moved into the house I knew I wanted a farmhouse theme for our kitchen. We had never done an accent wall before. I spent many hours looking through Pinterest and gathering ideas.

Then the fun part came – Shopping! We spent an entire day thrifting. Visiting thrift stores is my absolute favorite thing to do. We found so many good deals! I highly recommend always starting here before buying new 🙂

When we moved in, there was a very large whiteboard on the wall that I wanted to turn into the accent wall. The first step was to take this down. Wasn’t as easy as we thought. It was screwed into the wall and liquid nailed…. 😦

This required a lot more work than we anticipated. But what home project goes as planned, right?

After all the hole patching and sanding, we were finally ready to paint.

The second the paint was dry we started hanging!

The dresser you see here was purchased at a ….you guessed it.. thrift shop! It was only $50!! My HTB stripped down the finish, painted it, stained the top, and added shelving. (Post will be coming soon on this)

I love my kitchen but really love my farmhouse wall! It is perfect.

Here is the finished wall :

And yes… I have a lot more crockpots 🙂


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