How to convert an under stairs closet into a pantry

The Pantry… here we go

What woman doesn’t want a larger pantry? I mean.. we need some where to store all of our goodies that we bought with our coupons, right?

haha Well we needed more shelving for all of our upcoming gardening and canning!

Our current pantry was tucked in a closet behind our stair case. It only had a few shelves in there. Don’t mind the hole.. I got a little hatchet happy before we took the sheet rock out.

Stevie did an amazing job taking the rest of the sheet rock out (the correct way) and adding shelving behind the stair case.

Beautiful, right?

After this was done, I put the first coat of paint on. I am going to add shelf liners to the top of the shelves so no need on wasting paint on this…

After the second coat of paint, I started at the bottom putting the shelf liners on. Please take my advice, if you do not have patience – do not use a printed pattern. Trying to line these suckers up while on my knees in a tight confined space = NOT FUN. I do like the end result though. Was it worth it…??? Ehh.. I would say yes.

5 hours later – I finally finished the shelf liners. Yes… that is correct.. 5 hours. It looked so easy on Pintrest! But again… I love the final result so I would do it all over again!

And here it is ladys and gents… the final pantry. Well… almost. I still need to remove the paint off the floor (opps).

I absolutely LOVE our pantry. I actually opened the door lastnight and caught myself just staring inside. hahah

The door is amazing also… Click here to see my post on the door!


    1. Thank you 😁. I got the contact paper from Walmart. They are sticky and so far they have held up great!!! It’s been almost a year and they are still secure.


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